Student Experience

Photo of Vanessa Garrido (JD '18)

“The Child Advocacy Clinic is a wonderful class because it enables students to represent children in high-conflict cases while providing students with practical experience interviewing clients, interacting with children and working in teams. Additionally, the Clinic’s class provides students the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals in the fields of family law, education, and psychology, and how their work impacts children in high-conflict cases.” - Vanessa Garrido (JD ’18), Child Advocacy Clinic

“My experience as a student attorney in the Veterans Legal Clinic has been crucial for helping me develop my client interaction skills. Doctrinal courses may teach you the rules of law, but clinics teach you everything else: how to have a conversation with a client, determine possible legal issues that you can help with, and develop a plan to accomplish your client’s goals. As someone who is pursuing a career in civil legal services, potential employers are always so impressed with the independence and client experience I have gained through the Veterans Legal Clinic. The clinic allows you to practice being a real lawyer, while serving those who have served our nation. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to grow professionally and personally.” - Kristin Smith (JD ’17), Veterans Legal Clinic


Photo of Seth Williford (JD '18)

“One of the most helpful parts of working on a clinic for me was the confidence it gave me, both as a student and a professional.  The challenge we faced is to translate our clients’ many issues, and focus in on how we can best help them.  Translating any confusion or nervousness into action and advancement taught me the confidence to apply the skills I’ve learned in law school, and trust my skills and education to help serve our clients. The Nicaragua Micro-Trade Clinic is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore an amazing country while learning the law and lawyering.” - Seth Williford (JD ’18), Micro-Trade Clinic

“The Community Law and Business Clinic allows students the chance to have direct interaction with clients, parse out their legal issues, and provide the appropriate legal solutions. I feel that this hands-on experience allows us to be very competitive in the legal market. It also gives us the chance to apply everything we have learned in law school into real world situations.” - Courtney Wachal (JD ’18), Community Law Clinic


Photo of Nan Hu (JD '18)

“From taking classes to handling clients’ cases, I have exceled myself, experienced professional growth, and reassured my personal value by the power of change. The Elder Law Clinic experience empowers me by the ability to make concrete changes to people’s lives. No matter whether you have set a clear career goal or not, I strongly recommend you to cherish this diverse learning opportunity with Elder Law Clinic. Be open-minded and willing to learn, serve clients with hearts, and embrace your growth!” - Nan Hu (JD ’18), Elder Law Clinic