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429 - Wrongful Convictions (3 hours)*
Wrongful Convictions may be offered as a 2 hour or 3 hour course. As a two hour course, it studies the major issues of wrongful convictions: false confessions, mistaken eyewitness identification, invalid forensic science, informant testimony, ineffective assistance of counsel, police and prosecutorial misconduct, and racial and ethnic bias. The course is case-based, designed to give students an understanding of the case law and of the legal tools for litigating the cases, should the students decide to continue working with the Innocence and Justice Clinic. Students considering careers in criminal justice, whether as prosecutors or defense attorneys, are encouraged to take the class. As a 3 hour course, the course includes a field work component in reviewing requests for assistance to inmates alleging their wrongful convictions.
* This course may be offered for 2 hours during some years.