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568 - Bankruptcy: Advanced Topics (2 hours)
This course is a seminar focusing on distressed investing. The evolution of bankruptcy from back room deals to major capital markets transactions has seen hedge funds, private equity funds, lending institutions and proprietary trading desks play an ever expanding role in corporate restructurings. The assets, securities and claims of companies in financial distress are significant profit opportunities for investors that specialize in distressed investing. Among the topics to be covered are the various legal tactics and strategies used by hedge funds, private equity funds and other investors to take control of, or invest in, distressed companies. The course will use case law and actual transactional documents to demonstrate the intersection of bankruptcy, securities, tax and general corporate law, all of which intersect in distressed debt transactions. This course will also examine distressed securities of troubled companies and the specialized trading markets that develop both before and during a company's restructuring. Practitioners and investors will appear throughout the semester to discuss their personal experiences.