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Small by design, our degrees produce astute and confident lawyers broadly educated in the skills, traditions, and ethics of practice.


In the first year, you’re assigned to a group of 40 students with whom you share all your classes. (There’s one exception—Legal Research and Writing, where you are in a class of only 20 students.) This approach fosters close relationships with students and professors. During this year you’ll cover the basic principles of Anglo-American jurisprudence. In the second and third years, only a few required courses remain. The rest of your coursework will be electives drawn from a wide array of courses, seminars, and clinical experiences. More

JD/MA in Bioethics

Under the auspices of the Wake Forest University School of Law and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the dual Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in Bioethics (JD/MA in Bioethics) degree program facilitates interdisciplinary and comparative study of law and bioethics and serves as excellent preparation for work in health law and policy. Students are able to earn two advanced degrees in as little as 3.5 years.

JD/MA in Religion

The JD/MA in Religion program facilitates an interdisciplinary and comparative study of law and religion and encourages students whose academic or career interests require gaining competence in both disciplines. More


Offered jointly by the School of Law and the Babcock Graduate School of Management, the Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA) program allows you to combine the three-year law curriculum and the two-year business curriculum to complete both degrees in four years. The first two years are dedicated to the course requirements of both schools. The final two years of the JD/MBA program include other required courses in both programs and interdisciplinary study in areas of special interest at both schools. More


The JD/MDiv program promotes an interdisciplinary conversation between religion and law, provides a different vocational perspective not found in the single law or divinity concentration, and enriches the professional knowledge and experience of students who want to pursue careers in law or divinity. More

LLM in American Law

The LLM Program is designed for international lawyers and students who wish to enhance their legal careers by studying the laws of the United States for one year. The program offers small classes that include American JD and LLM students together to prepare students to return to their home countries, well-versed in American Law. The curriculum consists of requirements, which provide the basics of American jurisprudence while still encouraging students to pursue their individual interests through research and elective coursework. More

Master of Studies in Law

The one-year Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program exposes students to the core concepts of law, helping students gain new perspectives on contemporary business, politics and society. Although MSL graduates do not practice law, the MSL degree prepares students for today’s challenging and changing professional settings in which law is relevant. More


The S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) degree is designed for scholars and teachers of law and is most often obtained by international attorneys who are pursuing academic or high ranking governmental careers in their home countries. More

Two-Year JD for International Lawyers

The Two-Year J.D. for International Lawyers degree is designed for students who have received their legal education outside of the U.S. and who are interested in pursuing a J.D. degree. More