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Concurrent JD and MBA Degrees

Under an arrangement between the Wake Forest University School of Law and School of Business, students may choose to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) on a concurrent basis. This arrangement, in which each school will accept transfer credits from the other school, offers students the opportunity to complete the three-year JD and the two-year MBA in four academic years. Students pursuing both degrees will have a broader range of learning and networking opportunities. In addition, graduates with both degrees — because of their understanding of both law and business — will have additional flexibility in making career choices.

Concurrent-degree students are enrolled for five semesters in the law school (2.5 years) and five evening sessions in the business school (the equivalent of 1.5 years). The law school will accept up to 15 credits of MBA course work toward the JD degree, and the business school will accept up to 9 credits of JD course work toward the MBA degree. Graduation from both schools will happen, except in special circumstances, after completing four years of course work.

The sequence of study, with opportunities for law internships and employment, is as follows:


* Summer 1 and 2 law internships count as “work experience” for purposes of MBA.
** Summer 3 law internship or AY4 law employment, if any, would be local.
*** Summer 2 MBA electives fulfilled with JD transfer credits

Students interested in earning concurrent degrees must apply separately to the law school and to the business school, and be accepted by each school. Application for admission to the MBA program may be made at any time before the student’s 3L year.

Tuition for the concurrent degrees is charged separately by each school, with students paying JD tuition for their 1L and 2L years and for one 3L semester, and MBA tuition for five evening sessions during their third and fourth academic years, including one summer session.

Law School Requirements

The JD degree requires completion of 75 hours of law course work including the degree requirements prescribed by the law school for graduation, as well as satisfactory completion of 15 credit hours of MBA course work transferred to the law school. The transferred MBA credits will appear on the student’s JD transcript as pass/fail courses.
Requirements for the MBA degree (as well as a description of the evening MBA sessions, schedule, and curriculum) may be found on the business school’s website.

Academic Advising

Students will have a law faculty advisor to help guide them through the law school’s curriculum, as well as making decisions on law internships, law employment during the fourth academic year, and studying for the bar exam. The law faculty advisor will make recommendations on the transfer of MBA credits to the law school’s academic dean, who must approve the transfer. Students will meet with their law faculty advisor at least once during each semester.